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Wallpapers without the nonsense! Pick a wallpaper and download it! Absolutely No watermarks, No waiting, Its that simple. We are an Open Source Project & Website. We bring you hundreds of Original, High quality, Free and Open Source Wallpapers for your Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone. We have been Busy with other work (Themes) Expect new Content very soon! We have a lot in the pipeline. (Aug 2014)

Every wallpaper here was created by RAVEfinity (The team behind this Website), All wallpapers are original and nothing is "Borrowed" or taken from anywhere or anyone else. Additionally all wallpapers are Creative Commons (Like Wikipedia). Meaning you have the freedom to Use, Modify and Redistribute them under very permissive terms (See About page for full details). Thanks for stopping by, We hope you enjoy your visit!

Update: August 15 2014:
We have had our resources shifted to Themes for 5-7 Months Sorry about the delays...
Again We Are Still Working On Something Even Bigger. We Are Hoping To Post More Wallpapers By Other Artists As Well As Originals Of Our Own, All Creative Commons, We Are Working Out The Details And Execution It's A Huge Undertaking.,
Thanks To All For Your Support. We hate leaving things un-updated but we have many NEW wallpapers that need to be edited and to be posted. It is just a matter of time & resources.

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