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Wallpapers without the nonsense! Pick a wallpaper and download it! Absolutely No watermarks, No waiting, Its that simple. We are an Open Source Project & Website. We bring you hundreds of Original, High quality, Free and Open Source Wallpapers for your Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Thanks for stopping by! we are busy working on new wallpapers.

This site is NOT closing but it may be a little bit before we get time to update it.

RAVE Wallpapers Sets will also now be on our main website RAVEfinity.com
This Site will be here still and perhaps when we get time we sill start bringing new stuff to it again and revive it down the road. We are just super swamped.
Don't worry we are still doing wallpapers. But the newest sets may not hit here until we get time.

Visit and bookmark the new page on our site for wallpapers before they apear here.

All browsing will be done primary with flickr with our favourites highlighted.

This website is run RAVEfinity Open Source Design Studio! Please visit us at www.ravefinity.com If you are interested.